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  • Welcome to Best Bond Cleaning in Brisbane,offers best bond cleaning service around the Brisbane region at reasonable price. Your property needs to be cleaned and Best Bond Cleaning Brisbane is End of Lease/Move-Out cleaning specialist to help you get your bond back. First of all We know you have enough to do relocating so our highly trained staff of vacate cleaners will take care of those last details and help you get a full refund of your bond.

    BEST BOND CLEANING IN BRISBANE is the number one company in professional cleaning. Our highly efficient and experienced cleaners clean each and every corner of your house to bring you results of highest professional standards. in addition Our Bond cleaning services are highly suitable for anyone who ended up with the lease/leaving the property and insure bond money back.

    We feel delighted in providing our expertise in all bond cleaning services. Come and get the benefit of Best  Bond Cleaning in Brisbane’s professionalism.



Q. what is the cost to book a bond cleaning in Brisbane?

Bond cleaning Brisbane‘ cost depends on the size of the property. For a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom house we charge $250 that includes up to 6 hrs labor. Whereas for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom house the price go to $320 that includes up to 8 hrs labor.

Q. what/how to book a bond clean?

You can either request a quote on our website or You can call us on 0477-593-926 to book you bond cleaning Brisbane.

Q. Is it necessary to vacate the property during bond cleaning?

It is recommended that you leave the cleaners at the property while they are doing their job, however they will give you a call half an hour before they are about to finish so that you can come and have a look once they are finish.

Q. Do you need electricity while cleaning?

Yes,it’s basic necessity of cleaners while cleaning the property .electricity is required in order to run equipment’s like vacuum cleaning and carpet cleaning machines, but we can still do the work without any electricity but that will cost additional charges to use our generators.

Q. is their any guarantee for your Bond Cleaning?

Yes we guarantee all our cleans.we believe in providing professional cleaning at first slot, we make sure that you get your bond money back. If by any chance any problem arises,  just email us.we provide free re-clean service within 5 business days.

Q. When to book a bond cleaning?

Usually is it preferred that you book your bond clean at-least 7 days before you are about to move. However if you have an urgent requirements then that can be taken care of as well. Just give us a call and we can probably get them done, our cleaners are available 24/7 for your requirements.”



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